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Attendance and Temporary Return

(In accordance with the Article 12 of operating rules of the institute)


  Attendance Regulations and Restrictions

  1. Lateness: Twice of lateness will be counted as one hour absence.
  2. Attendance Rate: If the attendance rate is same or below 80%, you won’t be able to complete the current semester and visa extension will not be permitted.
    [Attendance rate = (Attended hours/total class hours)*100]
  3. In the case that a student is absent without notice for 3 days or more, the student will receive a warning; a student who receives warnings twice or more could be expelled according to school regulations.

  Temporary Return during the Semester / Temporary Return during Vacation

  1. Temporary Return during the Semester: In principle, this is unacceptable. However, if the trip is unavoidable, students may visit the office and apply for permission through the appropriate procedure.
    (Before departure, you should fill out the temporary return form)
  2. Temporary Return during Vacation: After the completion ceremony, students may return to their home country and come back Korea no later than a day before the first class of the new semester.

Test Evaluation

(In accordance with Article 13~15 of operating rules of the institute)


  Tests (Article 13)

  1. Midterm test (Week 5) and final test (Week 10) are in every semester.(The test date could be changed depending on circumstances of school.)
  2. There will be other tests in addition to the midterm and final tests in each level
  3. Students who are absent on the exam will receive 0 point.
  4. As a general rule, additional exams are not permitted.

  Grades (Article 14)

  1. The grade given for each subject is absolute evaluation (100 points = full marks)
  2. The grade for each subject includes attitude points in addition to the exam grade.(Attitude points refer to attendance, homework and other section of each level)

  Advancement and Repeat the Class at the Same Level (Article 15)

  1. If a student's average grade for the midterm and final tests is 70 marks or higher and his or her attendance rate is 80% or higher, he/she moves up next level.
  2. If a student's average grade for the midterm and final exams is lower than 70, but his or her attendance rate is 80% or higher, then he/she will repeat the level. ※ Even if a student's total grade of the test is above 70 marks, in the case that his/her attendance rate is lower than 80%, he or she will not be allowed to re-register the following semester due to insufficient attendance.
  3. Those who flunk more than 3 times or more in the same level will be expelled.(In the case of the Hongik Univ. Korean level C students (Conditionally accepted students), the acceptance of the undergraduate course will also be canceled.)


(In accordance with Article 16 of operating rules of the institute)


  Scholarship for Academic Excellence

  1. Students who achieved excellent grades and served as a good example of others. (The amount offered depends on the student's grade)
  2. The recipient of the scholarship must be registered for the following semester.

Leave of Absence, Withdrawal and Expulsion

(In accordance with Article 10 of operating rules of the institute)


  Leave of Absence

  1. Taking a semester off from school is not permitted. (However, for particular cases, the director may make exceptions at students’ discretion.)
  2. A student who is granted special permission to take leave must return to school within 3 months. If he/she does not return to school within 3 months, he/she will be expelled



     Students who should withdraw from the Korean language course during semester by private situation must visit the office and fill out a course withdrawal form.




  1. If a student's absence time for a term is higher than 20% of the total class hours for relevant course (When a student's attendance rate for that term is lower than 80%)
  2. If a student states that he/she cannot complete their studies due to physical weakness
  3. While studying in Korea, if a student engages in illicit financial transactions(money borrowing or lending),purchases a mobile phone under someone else's name, using a fake bankbook or causes harm to other students
  4. If a student has received 2 official warnings during their enrollment
  5. It a student flunk the same level of regular course three times or more

  Warnings (Article 17)

  1. If a student is absent for three consecutive days without giving prior report
  2. If a student temporarily leaves Korea any time during the semester without receiving the appropriate permission
  3. If a student cheats on his/her exam, otherwise takes the exam in a dishonest or illegal way, or reports false testimony
  4. When a student disrupts the class, engages in defamation against the school