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Cultural Experiences


  •   Korean Language Course for international Students contains several cultural classes and field trip programs that are helpful for international students to understand Korea and Korean Culture.

      Particularly, two times of “Off the Campus field trip” will offer students opportunity of cultural experience. The first part of the cultural experience program conducts as a whole, and offers students the chance to understand traditional and modern Korean culture through a variety of activities, such as watching performances, making pottery, and visiting learning centers located outside of Seoul.

      Moreover, the second cultural experience conducted at each level offers students the opportunity to learn Korean in a fresh, out-of-classroom environment; activities include visits to folk villages, museums, ancient palaces and various other attractions in Seoul.

      These two official field trips are supposed to raise understanding on Korean culture, these are included in regular course, and thereby the institute will cover the expenses.

Club Activities


  •   There are many official clubs for the purpose of diverse activities, and these members are Hongik University students. International students attending in Korean language course are able to join some official clubs of Hongik University. International students can participate in those clubs by their taste, and can have chances to practice Korean in real-life environment.

    - List of available clubs are following (total 56 clubs): Performing arts clubs, leisure clubs, sports clubs, academic clubs, arts & culture clubs, volunteer clubs, religion clubs
    - Who can join clubs: Enrolled students above intermediate level (It is essential to have somewhat level of Korean language to enjoy club activities.)