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  Students enrolled International Language Institute can use a variety of facilities in Hongik University.

  Foreign students who are attended in Korean Language Course are permitted to use central library and the computer room with student ID card from the institute.

  In addition, there are bank, post office, bookstore, travel agency, photo studio, convenience store and several restaurants inside of the campus, which will help students’ school life. Also a health care center and a basketball court are available to support students' healthy life.


Central Library

  • Location: Behind the Student Union (G Bldg.) and Information&Communication Centre (Q Bldg.)

  • With a student ID card, you can use Book lending room and Self studying room.(However, it is not allowed to lend books)

  • Book lending room 09:00~20:00 (It will be shorten on Saturdays and during vacations.) Self studying room 08:00~21:00

Post Office

  • Location: First floor of the Social Education Building (N Bldg.) (next to the KLI)

  • Letter, a parcel and financial services. (Deposits, withdrawal and remittance etc.)

  • Working Hours: Post service 09:00~18:00 on weekdays / Financial service 09:00~16:30 on weekdays




Shinhan Bank

  • Location: Lobby in Hong-moon Building (R Bldg.)

  • All kinds of banking services are available including deposits, withdrawal, remittance and money exchange

  • Working Hours: 09:00~16:00 on weekdays

Health Care Center

  • Location: Right side of Student Union (G Bldg.)

  • With Student ID card, you can get brief medical examination, treatment and first aid supplies

  • Working Hours: 09:00~17:30 on weekdays (in winter by 17:00)


Book Store

  • Location: on the 2nd basement floor of Hong-moon Building (R Bldg.)

  • Working Hours: 09:00~18:00 on weekdays / (During school vacation 10:00~16:00), Closed in the weekend and vacations (But, in March and September open on Saturday 09:00~14:00 )


Restaurants in campus

  • The 1st student’s restaurant: On 1st basement floor in Student Building, opens 11:00~14:00, 17:00~19:00 on weekdays
    * Temporarily closed

  • The 2nd student’s restaurant: On 2nd basement of the 2nd Dormitory Building, opens 8:00~9:00, 11:30~14:30, 17:30~18:50 on weekdays


Other Facilities

  • Photocopy center, photo studio, travel agency, stationary shop and so on

Other Facilities

  • Convenience stores, flower shop, bakery, restaurants, laundry and so on