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Activity Report

  1. How to fill out the report
    ① Midterm report: Fill out the activity content 1st to 3rd in the report form
    ※ After submitting the midterm report, please keep the report file by yourself
    ② Final Report: Continue to fill out the activity content 4th to 6th in the midterm report
    ※ The activity time will be accepted only if the content includes all 1st to 6th activities in the final report.
  2. How to Submit
    ① Please choose your level, class and write your name correctly
    ② Select report type : Midterm report (the 1st) or final report (the 2nd)
    ③ Upload files
    ※ Before you submit the report, change name of the file to your name in alphabet (in capitals) as written in your passport as follows. e.g. [File name]Mentor program report.doc ⇒ SMITH JAMES.doc
    ④ Click [SUBMIT] to complete
    ※ In order to confirm the midterm report or final report, we may contact you by telephone or textmessage. If we cannot reach to you, you may be disadvantaged. We hope that you will be able to contact us for a week after the submission of reports.


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