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  Opening of Foreign Language Institute, Hongik University



  In March, Reformed as International Language Institute

  Professor Lee Jong Woo appointed as 1st Director

  Establishment of the Korean Language Program and Korean Teacher Training Program



  Professor Yeom Jae Il appointed as 2nd Director



  In May, Relocation to V building



  Professor Kim Jong Kyu is appointed as 3rd Director



  Appointed as Supporting Organization for ‘Intensive Korean Language course for Marriage Immigrants’ by the Seoul Immigration Office

  Selected as 'Support Program for Korean Language Training Program' by the Ministry of Education



  Professor Park Il Hyung appointed as 4th Director



  Selected as entrusted business of Korean language courses for foreign graduate students on Korean Government ScholarshipProgram (KGSP)



  Professor Park Han Sang appointed as 5th Director



  Professor Yi Eun Gyeong appointed as 6th Director

  In September, expansion and moving to Social Education Hall (Building N)



  Professor Lee Seon Yeong appointed as 7th Director



  Professor Park Sang Jun appointed as 8th Director