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Welcome to International Language Institute for Korean language in Hongik University.


  Korean Language Institute (KLI) of Hongik University was established in March 2002 with the goal of cultivating global people of capability and talent,
and continues to devotedly promote Korean language education, focusing on students' needs.

  Regular course of Korean language institute runs 4 semesters per year, and currently students from all over the world including China, Japan, the United States,
and Europe are mastering the Korean language and learning in depth about Korean culture through this program.

  In addition, through expert and outstanding faculty, KLI is constantly striving to provide the best Korean Language Program to the students with development of textbooks, research in teaching, meaningful cultural experiences and various student-centric administrative service conducive to learning Korean.

  To all the international students who are passionate about Korea!

  We at Hongik University Korean Language Institute, the place that offers an opportunity to international exchange and to learn about Korean language and culture in great surroundings, hope that we can play a part in making your dreams come true.

  Thank you for visiting HongIk University Korean Language Institute's website. We are committed to offering the students the best educational experience.



Director, International Language Institute of Hongik University