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Requirements and Document Submission

    ※ The required documents may be added or subtracted depending on your nationality and visa status.
    ※ For accurate information of documents you have to prepare, please contact our institute email.

  Application qualification

    Foreigners (or overseas Koreans) who have a high school graduation or equivalent academic diploma

  Basic requirements for D-4-1 (Language study) applicants

  1. Application form & Study plan (use our form in our website ‘Downloads’ and attach a ID photo)
  2. A copy of your passport
  3. Academic certificate of your final school (high school or higher education)
    Original diploma or graduation certificate from high school (or higher education). Both approved by Korean consulate or Apostille.
    3-1) If the above document does not arrive in the institute by the application deadline, the application may be canceled.
    3-2) If the above document is not in Korean, English, Chinese or Japanese, you must submit the translation as well.
    3-3) If you send it by regular post, tracking Is unavailable. Please send it by post that tracking is available. (Ex. EMS)
    ★ According to the immigration office's guidelines, from the summer semester of 2021, when submitting the final school academic certificate regardless of nationality, you must submit a certificate that is confirmed by Apostille the Korean Consulate in the country your school belongs.
  4. A copy of bank balance certificate in English which shows over USD 10,000 (Only for D-4 visa applicants)
       The bank balance certificate should be under the applicant’s name, and issued within one month.
       (If the certificate is under your parent’s name, you must submit a family relationship certificate as well.)

  Additional requirements for D-4-1 applicants depending on your nationality and visa situation

  1. Original transcript from high school (or higher education). Approved by Korean consulate or Apostille.
  2. A copy of your ID card (colored), original family relationship certificate (Notarized in your country)
  3. Original bank balance certificate in English which shows over USD 10,000 (Notarized in your country)
      The bank certificate should be should be under the applicant’s name or parent’s name, and issued within one month.
  4. Proof of employment and proof of income of parents (Both original, notarized in your country)
  5. Documents prepared by a Korean reference
      Qualification of the reference: Over 20-year-old Korean national, economically active, who is in Korea and can communicate with the applicant
      5-1) Sworn statement of reference (our specific form, no need to be notarized. It is in the website)
      5-2) Personal reference letter (specified form, notarized one. It is in the website)
      5-3) Reference’s certificate of resident registration
      5-4) Documents proving reference’s financial abilities(one of the list of four below)
        1. Employee: Proof of employment, Invoice of withholding tax, and Business card.
        2. Individual Business: Business registration certificate, Certificate of Income Amount (Issued by National Tax Service), and Business card.
        3. Corporate Business: Business registration certificate, Certificate of Vat Taxation Basis (Issued by National Tax Service)
        4. Land or building owner: Real estate registration certificate

  Other visa holders than D-4-1 or a visa holder who’s living in Korea

  1. Application & Study plan form (Use designated form and attach a ID photo)
  2. A copy of your passport
  3. A copy of diploma or certificate of graduation from high school (or higher education)
  4. A copy of alien registration card (Both front and back), only if you have it

  Notes on document submission

  1. For Vietnam D-4-1 applicants, the application period and required documents are all different, so you must refer to the ‘Community-Notice’ on our website before application.
  2. All documents will not be returned.
  3. All documents must be written in Korean or English. If not, you must submit the translation separately in Korean or English.

Admission Procedure

  ※ Choose one of the application methods: Online, Email, Post or Visiting the office

     (However, Vietnamese for D4 applicant are not allowed to apply through the online or email.)

  ※ All the new students should attend the orientation.

  ※ Students will be assigned level 1 when they miss the placement test.

Pay for Tuition & Cancellation

  Application fee

    KRW 100,000

    ※ The application fee has been raised since Spring term 2021.

    ※ Non-refundable

    ※ The admission fee won't be refunded even if a freshmen cancels the registration and applies for a refund before the class opening.

  Tuition fee

    KRW 1,650,000/ per one term

  Things to be aware

  1. Even before the class opening, you can't postpone or change the application term, and only registration cancel is possible.
  2. D-4 visa applicants need to pay for 2 terms’ tuition fee at once.
  3. Textbook fees (KRW 50,000~KRW70,000) are not included.
  4. Application, tuition and textbook fees are subject to change.
  5. In case that your payment is deposited more than (or less than) your fee due to the oversea transferring, the school will let you know how to solve the problem after the orientation.

  Payment Method

○ Bank Name : SHINHAN BANK (신한은행) / Branch Name : HONGIK UNIVERSITY BRANCH

○ Account Number : 100-033-016916

○ Account Holder : HONGIK UNIVERSITY (홍익대학교)


○ Bank Address and Phone Number : 94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea (☎+82-2-6023-3950)


  Withdraw and Refund the Course

  1. Anyone who wants to cancel classes and get a refund after registration must fill out and submit a refund form.
  2. The amount of refund by period shall be in accordance with the Article 23 of the Enforcement Decree of the Lifelong Education law.
    (The application fee is non-refundable.)
  3. The fixed refund date and submitting documents differ depending on your visa type at the time of refund. For more details, please refer to the Article 4 of the 'Regulations for Enforcement of Korean Language Curriculum for Foreigners’
  4. Student can only receive the refund money to the depositor’s account or your own account when you registered.
  5. About four weeks required to get refund. When it is an overseas account, a transferring fee will be charged; and this refund will take more than five weeks.