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  Under the Korean government's "Mandatory Health Insurance for Foreign Students Abroad" policy, all foreign students who study abroad (including language study) must be covered by a medical insurance policy. 

  Studets who do not submit  insurance certificates are limited to all kinds of certificates and may be unregistered.

Insurance Types

   (1) Student or traveler's insurance in an insurance company
       * Assurance of the cost of medical care for diseases (medical treatment and medicine), and only available insurance in Korea
       * In case of serious illness only, in case of injury only, the emergency medical expenses are not applicable
   (2) National Health Insurance Corporation
   (3) National Health Insurance Company of Japan


Mandatory insurance policy statements

   (1) Student name (must match passport statement)
   (2) The period of subscription to insurance (must be valid until the payment date for the semester)
   (3) In the case of an insurance policy from their insurance company
      - coverage of medical expenses (treatment and medication costs)
      - Specify the name of the insurance company and the insurance company
      - Specify Korea or overseas in available areas
   ※ If the policy does not indicate the above, you must submit an additional contract to check the details.
   ※ You can inquire about the validity of the insurance policy at the insurance association.


How to Buy Insurance in Korea

   (1) Supplying insurance for an insurance company : attending an insurance demonstration - guiding sign - applying for an on-site subscription
      ※ If you want to subscribe for Internet insurance before entering the country, visit

   한글   http://hongyidaxue.com/

   English   http://hongyidaxue.com/index.html?lang=en

   Tiếng việt  http://hongyidaxue.com/index.html?lang=bn

   (2) Insurance Advisory Council : Starting at 14:00 - 16:00 each semester, International Language Education Institute (N-dong) 601
   (3) National Health Insurance Subscription : Visit Korea National Health Insurance Management Corporation nearest three months after entry
      ※ New student can not register for admission, and short-term visa holders can not apply for registration.
      ※ Subscription Guide : http://www.nhis.or.kr/static/html/wbd/g/a/wbdga0101.html


Submit an insurance policy

   (1) Location and time of submission : Opening day 1 Thursday 14:00 to 16:00, International Language Education Institute (N-dong) 601
      ※ Insurance policy must be in Korean, English, Japanese, or Chinese
   (2) If the insurance expires, you must re-import it and submit an insurance certificate again

Processing policy of personal information
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