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  For the convenience of foreign students on the immigration services (Extension of sojourn period, Alien registration, etc.), International Language Institute provides related information and supporting the students.

Requesting Visa

Language Training (D-4-1) Visa

If you enroll more than 2 terms for Korean Language Course, you can request Language Training (D-4-1) visa to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea or the Consulate. It’s better to request about a month earlier than your departure since it will take more than a month to be issued. (It differs by countries.)

But, citizens of china, cuba, macedonia, syria, and kosovo can’t request directly to legations, they should get a certificate of D-4 visa issuance first. Individuals can’t request the certificate. Instead, our Institute request at a time.

Visa Extension

1. Application form
2. Certificate of studentship and attendance issued by our institute
3. Certificate of your bank statement. (You should prove that you possess over KRW 5,000,000 in your bank account.)
4. Foreign Registration Card and Passport
5. Proof of residence(Contact of residence, receipt of Kosiwon, written notice for expiration of visa, confirmation from accommodation, etc.; which is written the same name and address as your alien card)
6. Fee : KRW 60,000
※ The amount of fee can be changed.

Requesting for Alien Registration Card

If you stay in Korea more than 90days, you should enroll as a foreigner obligatorily and get issued Alien registration card.

1. Application form
2. Certificate of studentship(or certificate of admission) issued by our institute
3. A color photograph (3x4cm)
4. Fee: KRW 30,000
* The fee is subject to increase
5. Medical examination certificate (applicable to countries listed below) - Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia (Russian Federation), Malaysia, Uzbekistan, China, Sri Lanka - Visit the nearest public health centre and request a medical checkup. The result will come out 3~4 days after the first visit.
* For inquiries regarding visas, please contact Korea Immigration Service at 1345 without telephone exchange number.

Processing policy of personal information
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