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▶ How to download a report form
[Korean Language Course for Foreigner] → [Download Center]→ click “Mentor program report form” and download it.
☞ Move to the page [Download center]
▶ How to write the report
Please do not forget to fill out ‘level’, ‘class’, and ‘name’ in the form.
At this time, you have to fill your name in alphabet (in capitals) as written in your passport.
1) For first report : write what you have done during 1st~3rd weeks in the designated form.
   ※ You should keep the written form in person after submitting the first one!
     (You can save it in a USB memory stick or can use email (send the file to your email address))
2) For final report : keep writing for 4th~6th week activities in the report file that you have used for first report (for 1st~3rd weeks)
   ※ It must be written about all 1st~6th week activities in the final report.
▶ How to submit the report
1) Before you submit the report, change name of the file to your name in alphabet (in capitals) as written in your passport as follows.
   E.g.)[File name]Mentor program report.doc ⇒ SMITH JAMES.doc
2) In the table below, select your ‘level’, ‘class’, ‘the type of the report’, write your name in alphabet (in capitals) as written in your passport, click [찾아보기] and attach your report file.
3) If you see the message “Your report has been successfully submitted!” right after you clicked [Submit], it means that you are done! Finished~
Level Class
(same as written in the passport)
Type of the report
Processing policy of personal information
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