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Introduction of Study Abroad Mentor Programme

The Study Abroad Mentor Programme is designed to actively help students, who have come to study abroad in Korea, to adapt to life in and the culture of Korea.
The guides participating in this programme are volunteers, selected from the student body at HongIk University. Through regular exchanges with the volunteer guides, new overseas students can naturally become acquainted with the culture of their host country. Moreover, in the process of meeting other university students, the students who have come to study abroad can acquire Korean language skills through their exposure to real-life usage of the language.
It started in the Spring of 2008, and every semester approximately 100 students for the language study abroad register for the programme.

Applying for Study Abroad Mentor Program and Precaution(For international students)

1. Qualification

Current Students who have been studying at International Language Institute of Hongik University (However, students who have been studying over 1 year are excluded.)

New students of International Language Institute of HongikUnviersity (However, Chinese new students are excluded in first term because of the limited number of Korean native students who can speak in Chinese. They can apply from second term.)


2. Applying and Selecting Methods

Application Period: Submit an application form during designated period. (The period will be notified every term)

Applying Method: The application form will be distributed along class lines. Applicants need to fill it out and submit to your home room teacher during the period. (The form will only be accepted during designated period.)

Selecting Method: Students who have a good attendance rate, and filled out the application form thoroughly will be the first to get the position.

Announcement of Chosen Students : Both the chosen students and students on the waitlist will be announced by posting a list in the classrooms(Date and place for Orientation will be announced as well.)


3. The Way of Study Abroad Mentor Program

The program will last for 6 weeks, and you must meet your mentor over 6 times.

Your partner will be decided by lots in the orientation excepting the case you are a new student who cannot speak in Korean.(You are not able to choose your partner as you please.)

You can have supports when you visit a public institution, getting information on School facilities, famous attractions in Seoul, and the way to take public transportation.

You will be required writing reports twice during the program. (Midterm report and Final report)


4. Precaution

This is not compulsory activity. Only students who want to apply for the program do it, and selected students cannot stop the program once started.

The selected students must attend the orientation. If you do not attend the orientation, you will not be allowed to participate in the program.

You must have meetings with your mentor sincerely.

Using Korean language is a basic rule of the program, but a new student who is in a beginner class is allowed to speak in your native language.

Processing policy of personal information
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